10 Amazing & Easy DIY Cat Furniture Ideas

10 Amazing & Easy DIY Cat Furniture Ideas

DIY Furniture creates the best spaces for your kitties without breaking the bank on expensive store-bought cat furniture. Make DIY furniture if you want your cat to be happy and comfortable.  Stylish DIY home decor isn't just for people, DIY Furniture is not only functional but also beautifully designed.

1. DIY Cat Bed

DIY Pallet Cat Beds | Wood pallet projects, Wood pallets

Give your cat a comfortable place where they can sleep and rest.


2. DIY Cat Tent


DIY Cat Tent : 9 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

DIY Cat Tent is a unique easy t-shirt and wire hanger cat tent design. It provides your little love with a cozy place to sleep play and hide.

3. DIY Cat Tree



DIY Cat Tree Ideas for Android - APK Download


DIY Cat tree is a cat climbing toy. Cats are naturally fond of high places,  your pet surely will love this DIY Cat tree.


4. DIY Cat Hammock


Your Cat is Going to Lurve This Modern DIY Kitty Hammock | Diy cat ...

Diy Hammock is a great place to relax.


A cat hammock looks elegant and easy to make. It provides a secure and comfortable resting spot for your lovely cat.


5. DIY Pet Bowl Stand


How to Make a DIY Pet Bowl Stand | Cat & Dog Bowl Stand DIY

The DIY Pet bowl stand prevents your pet from sliding bowls around and provides protection for your floors. It keeps the feeding area cleaner which is essential to a sanitary life.


6. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

7 Of the Best Indoor Exercise Wheels for Cats | STYLETAILS 

DIY Cat exercise wheel gives the cat a safe outlet for the energy that would otherwise manifest in destructive or unwanted behaviors, like clawing at the furniture, racing through the halls, or harassing people.


7. DIY Cat Condo


♥ DIY Cat Stuff ♥  DIY Pinspiration: Wooden crate cat bed and scratching post. No instructions but looks pretty simple... 2 crates, wood posts, rope and a carpet covered base.: 

The DIY Cat condo is a private cat condo. Plush pillows for your cat to lounge all day,  it is very convenient for both of you.


 8. DIY Scratching Post

DIY Scratching post offers the sturdiest scratching surface for your cat's scratching and grooming needs. This hefty sisal-wrapped post provides a perfect place for scratching & grooming.


9. DIY House Cat


11 DIY Cat Houses You Can Easily Make

The DIY House Cat is a hiding space for napping that promotes nesting instinct. Give kitty a relaxing place to play and hide with this cardboard Cat House.


10. DIY Suitcase Cat Bed


Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed, Handmade Suitcase Cat Bed ...

The DIY Suitcase cat bed is a stylish bed for your beloved cat. 



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