10 tips to stop your cat from scratching things

10 tips to stop your cat from scratching things

To a cat, scratching is a normal, healthy and natural behavior. It is important to know that these scratching behaviors are deeply ingrained instincts and they have numerous benefits to their health and well-being. 

Cats just need to do it, it relaxes them. To a Cat, scratching things is relaxing. By scratching things, they mark their territory and sharpen their claws. It is an important communication tool for them.

Cats also scratch to scent mark territorial areas with their paws. Cat’s scratching things can be a big problem.  It causes a problem for a cat’s owner who is tired of having their things shredded. 


Here are the 10 tips to stop your cat from scratching things:


  1. Give your cats what they need. Provide them with plenty of scratching opportunities inside your home. 
  2. Purchase scratching board and post or other scratching apparatus for a cat. There is a horizontal cardboard ramp for cats that scratches low on furniture and upright posts for cats that like a full-body hang from the claws. It is important to know what material the post is made of. Cats want the feel of a sisal rope-wound post. Natural wood is also desirable to them. A redwood, cedar, and log may be a real hit. Make sure that you choose a post that is strong, sturdy, tall, and covered in a material that cats love to scratch.


  1. Trim their claws to stop them growing. The key to keep your cat’s claws under control is regular maintenance.


  1. A very creative solution is to use double-sided tape on any surface that you don’t want your cat to scratch.  They will discourage scratching with their negative experience.


  1. Remove the pleasurable component and replace it with tin foil covering the spot, double-sided tapes like a sticky post that comes in different sizes and versions that designed especially for furniture or plants.


  1. It is important to follow the correction of a trip to the post because it can make a positive connection to a cat by the experience of scratching in the right place. 


  1. Place the cat’s scratching post that they like to hang out such as near windows and in the family room with you. It is a good idea to place a post near her regular sleeping area.


  1. Make the things an unattractive place for scratching. Spray the things with a citrus-scented spray.  Spray them in any areas where your cat normally hangs out.


  1. You must understand and be patient. You have to know why the cat is scratching things and locate scratching the post strategically. 


  1. Try daily sessions where you make the sound with your finger because cats have a natural version on the post. Then accompanied by praise If the cat is having a hard time accepting the post. Finally, treat the cat a reward as soon as he performs the desired action.


You must know that Cat's scratching things have a good benefit to them,

Here’s are the following:

It provides a full-body workout to your cat and stretches out their muscles.

It stretches and retracts their shoulder, legs, and paws.  

It helps to relax the body muscles.

It provides stimulation and exercise to muscles tendon.

It helps to sharpen their claws and strengthen their paws that they can use to protect themselves. 

It helps to provide stimulation of the body and to express their playful nature.

Helps to maintain their claws and keeping them sharp by shedding their claw sheaths which keep them in a tip-top condition.

It makes them feel secure and it can relieve stress.

It provides a playful experience and happiness to them.

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