3 Fascinating Cat Breeds

3 Fascinating Cat Breeds


Cats, those adorable and furry creatures, have been around humans for the last 4,000 years. Though it’s supposed that cats were first considered nuisances that got into grain barrels while hunting mice, they were soon domesticated to be the sweet (and sour) felines we now know and love. 

While there are many different cats and cat breeds out in the world today, no one knows exactly how many breeds there are. Some sources recognize only 15 breeds, including the Maine Coon and Scottish Fold, while other resources say there may be up to 71 breeds, which include the Lykoi and the Korat. 

While breed distinctions may be disputed, there is one thing we know for sure: Cats are here to stay. We’ve picked three of the most fascinating breeds to discuss today. 


Originally from Thailand, the Siamese cat is most distinguished by its color pattern. While most of the Siamese cat’s body is covered in pale and light cream short-haired fur with a hint of light brown, its tail, legs and paws, and its face and ears will be either a very dark brown or black color. In addition to this coloring, they primarily have bright blue eyes and a long and slender body. 

When Siamese kittens are born, they don’t have their distinct color pattern. Instead, they are white or cream, but they do develop their darker points later on. Interestingly, though many Siamese are this black and cream color, some Siamese will develop blue-ish or even pink-ish colored tails, faces, ears, and legs. 

Personality wise, these cats are usually highly intelligent and affectionate. Because they are very smart, they may tend to act out and become destructive, so it’s important that they get plenty of exercise and cuddles. 


The dachshund of cats is the munchkin kitty. Known for their short legs and otherwise normal bodies, these cats still have plenty to offer. Despite being small, munchkin cats can grow up to ten pounds and live up around 15 to 18 years. 

Munchkin cats can have long or short hair, and they can be just about any color. These affectionate cats are also intelligent and curious.

With their short stature, their health may be a concern for some cat lovers. However, only their legs are affected by their breed, and they don’t usually have any other health conditions besides the normal ones. They are not more prone to arthritis, either. 

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cats are definitely striking to look at. With folded ears, their heads look remarkably round. In addition to having a very unique look, all Scottish Folds have a link to the original Scottish Fold kitty, Susie. It is said that the first cat with folded ears was found in 1961, relatively recently, in Scotland. Since Susie was found, she was bred to varying breeds of cats that we now have to today, the most common being British and American shorthairs. 

Scottish folds are also known for having distinct personalities. They are very intelligent and often get into trouble with their curiosity. They are very loyal and easy to train as well. 

Baby Scottish folds will look like any other kitten, but as they start to grow, their ears will fold over. Scottish fold kitties can be any color and have any pattern. 

Final Thoughts

While there are many different cat breeds out there, some cats are easily recognizable. The Siamese is known for its color, whereas the munchkin and Scottish folds are known for how they look. Though their personalities are similar to other cats, these features make them fascinating. 


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