3 Interesting Ways Your Cat Communicates

3 Interesting Ways Your Cat Communicates


As a cat parent, you have probably heard every single cat meow or tone possible. And, if you’re intuitive, you’ve probably come to learn what each of their meows mean. Cats often vocalize through chirping, purring, and hissing, but their body language and mood can also be forms of communication. Let’s look at some interesting ways your cat might be trying to communicate with you.


It’s in the Eyes.

Cat eyes are interesting in their own right. The shape of their pupil can directly tell you how your cat is feeling. If your cat’s pupils are constricted, or narrowed, it may mean that he’s feeling a little playfully aggressive or even happy. If the pupils are dilated, or wider, a cat might be feeling nervous, defensive, or even excited. You’ll have to rely on your cat’s other signals to help you figure it out further.


Blinking can also be a sign. When other cats are around, cats need to keep their eyes peeled, so they don’t get attacked, even in play. If your cat slowly blinks at you, he’s communicating that he trusts you. He believes that you won’t hurt him and that he can be at ease.


Tummies Up!

Have you ever gone to pet your cat’s tummy and come up with a hand covered in claw marks? Well, that’s because cats are fickle creatures, and like all things cat, rolling over and showing their stomach can have a couple of meanings.


When a cat shows it’s belly, pay attention to any sounds. If your cat is stretched out and purring, likely it’s because your cat is feeling very relaxed. On the other hand, if your cat is growling, it’s preparing to use all four of its paws to defend itself from a tummy rub.


To the Tip of the Tail

A cat’s tail is one of its most expressive features. A tail that is high with flat fur means that he’s on a mission to get into something. He’s being curious. Whereas if his tail is high, but it’s puffed up like a bottle brush, he’s either angry or frightened. He’ll either attack or hide. Cats that hold their tails low or between their legs are showing they are insecure or even anxious.


To see if your cat is seriously angry, pay attention to the tip of its tail. If the tip of his tail, or sometimes the entire tail, is flicking back and forth quickly or thrashing, you’ve got a very angry kitty on your hands.


Final Thoughts

Cats can have varying signals when they are trying to communicate. Be sure to pay attention to their eyes and tail to see if they are feeling playful or moody. And, as always, even if your cat is purring with their belly up, their mood can change instantly. Keep those hands safe by listening to your cat!





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