5 of the Most Stylish DIY Cat Scratchers

5 of the Most Stylish DIY Cat Scratchers

The DIY Scratcher is very affordable and stylish. It is easy to make cat scratch. And customizing the DIY cat scratcher is very fun to do. 

The cost of DIY cat scratcher is depending on how you decide to make it.

Cats are well known for always managing to find the comfiest spot in the house. If you want to avoid your cat sleeping right on your favorite armchair, create a dedicated space for your cat where he can relax, play, sharpen his claws and sleep. 

Having cats doesn’t mean that your house has to turn into a disaster area of toys, treats, and eye-sore cat trees and scratchers.

Claw marks across the back of the sofa or a worn-out patch of carpet on the stairs are one of the downsides of being a cat owner. 

Train cats to use a scratching posts and trim their claws. It's time to replace it post when the cats are getting pissed off with their post.  

The problem with cat scratching posts is that most of them are pretty, well, boringly hideous.

The post you choose should be stable and large enough for your cat to scratch while their body and limbs are fully extended, fulfilling your cat’s desire for vertical scratching.

 Some of the affordable cat scratching posts were covered with carpet instead of sisal.

 Cover the area of your cat scratching if you don’t want your feline friend scratching up the rugs in your house.

Cats need a scratching post. They have a natural urge to scratch. It helps them remove old material from their claws and they mark territory with scent glands in their paws. They’ll surely love the DIY cat bed with an integrated scratching post and a small play area. Indoor cats may be prevented from exercising this urge on furniture if they are provided with an acceptable scratching post.


Cactus Sisal Rope Scratcher


A Natural Sisal Cat Climbing Pole Jumping that your feline friend  will surely enjoy. 


  The piece is covered with sisal rope.  

Cactus Shape Cat Scratcher Frame

A chic and fun idea that can be suitable for a boho interior or a desert home.


Minimalist sisal rope cat scratcher

An easy-to-make, minimalist cat scratching post that cats generally prefer. a wooden post covered in rough fabric or sisal.

 Minimalist cat scratchers save precious space, look beautiful on the wall and cats love them.

The post is mounted vertically in a wide base, which allows the cat to stretch upward on his rear legs and scratch freely without tipping it over.


It is covered in a sisal rope, upholstery fabric. 


Vase Sisal Rope Cat Scratcher

It is a vase sisal rope cat scratcher that is a very practical and creative idea.  Customize your vase. It is an open container, usually rounded,  that is used for decoration, for holding flowers as well as serving as your cat scratcher. All you need is some tough string and strong glue and you have a vase sisal rope cat scratcher for your feline friend.


it's a vase covered with sisal rope,


Colorful Sisal Rope Cat Scratcher

Colorful sisal rope cat scratcher is a very adorable scratcher, and your cat will surely love it. It is a standard scratcher post made of wood, a rug and some sisal rope on a cardboard post. 

Colorful sisal rope cat scratcher is very simple and such a piece will fit many interiors. It is customized to fit your current home décor. Either rope works though and the sisal can be dyed as well.

Colorful sisal rope cat scratcher holds up to long-term scratching better.


It is the rope of choice for scratching posts.


 Cardboard in a Box Cat Scratcher

Cardboard in a box cat scratcher is a cheap and nice-looking cat scratcher made of cardboard. Cats love cardboard and many of them will sleep on such a bed after scratching it. Cardboard in a box cat scratcher is a nice idea to add a fun and whimsy touch to your space.


It can be an additional bed for your cat.

It’s a cardboard piece shaped like a kitty head.

Cardboard in a box cat scratcher will add a colorful touch to your space.

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