Best Insurance for Cats

Best Insurance for Cats

In 2019 alone, Americans spent over $95 billion on their pets. Nearly $30 billion of that number was spent on veterinary care and medications. With the price of veterinary care costing people so much money, cat parents are more and more frequently turning to pet insurance to cover some of the costs. 

As there are over 20 pet insurance companies serving North America, it can be difficult to find a pet insurance plan that best suits our furry friends. However, we’ve found the average cost of different plans and have been able to find a pet insurance company that can suit all of your needs. 

Cat Insurance Plans

Pet insurance companies usually offer two types of plans. The first type of plan, accident only, will cover accidents, which includes car accidents, poisoning, and if your cat ingests an object they shouldn’t. Accident only coverage also covers any other physical trauma like broken bones, ligament tears, and skin lacerations. 

Accident and Illness coverage, however, will cover everything included in accident only coverage in addition to illnesses such as cancer, infections, and digestive problems.  

Cat Insurance Premium Prices

Every so often, the North American Pet Health Insurance Association will survey the top pet insurance companies, including Healthy Paws, Figo, Nationwide, and Pets Best. This survey found the average prices from accident only and accident and illness cat insurance premiums in 2019. 

According to the survey, the average premium price for accident only cat insurance in 2019 was around $125 for the entire year, meaning the average monthly premium was around $10 for cats. 

Naturally, accident and illness coverage was found to be, on average, more expensive at almost $350 for an annual premium. For the monthly premium for a more full coverage insurance plan was around $30.

Best Cat Insurance

Pet insurance, especially for older cats and cat breeds predisposed to certain conditions, is worth it to save money out of your pocket. While there are many companies serving North America, we’ve found that Figo offers some of the best coverage. Figo offers three levels of coverage that often include medical testing and treatment for cancer as well as coverage for a wellness care plan.

In this blog article : what is the best pet insurance for cats, we give  more complete breakdown of the best cat insurance and compares Healthy Paws, Pets Best, and Figo pet insurances. 

Final Thoughts

Because Americans spend so much money on their pets every year, it’s important to find good cat insurance. As there are many companies around, you should consider Figo’s services to protect our purring best friend for many years to come. 


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