All Cats deserve to feel like a show cat even if they only stay indoors. Every cat feels good when they are groomed, it isn’t just for good looks but also improves your cat’s coat. Moreover, it helps stimulate and minimize the circulation of the cat’s hairballs. 

Grooming your cat depends on his coat. The condition of the skin and coat indicate his overall health and happiness, so it is very important to keep your cat’s coat in good condition.

Schedule your cat grooming sessions after eating or when they are relaxed.

Your first grooming session must be short for about 5 to 10 minutes. When your cat already adjusts to the routine that’s the time you lengthen it.


Why you should brush your cat regularly?


- It helps them remove excess fur

- It reduces the amount of excess hair that they carry.

- It prevents health problems like flea allergy dermatitis, anemia, and heartworms.

- It keeps your cat healthy and can help build affection and trust for both of you.

- It reduces the amount of cat hair lying around your house.

Cats like to be clean and they feel great after being groomed. So, don’t forget to always brush your cat’s hair every day. They love brushing their faces, if they start to rub their cheeks or mouth on the brush don't stop them as they naturally enjoy grooming.


How to brush your cat’s hair?


- First, make sure your cat is comfortable and receptive to being touched. 

- Work the brush through your cat’s fur from head to tail to remove dirt and debris. 

- Always be careful when brushing around your cat’s ears because most of the cats are very sensitive to this area. 

- Recognize what healthy fur and skin look like. 

- Check if the skin is soft and free of blemishes. 

- Make sure the fur is glossy and smooth. 

- Make sure to work along with the lie of your cat’s fur.

- Brush the abdomen and sides of your cat. They are very protective regarding this area. It makes them feel vulnerable. 

- Brush the longer locks on the armpit and the side first slowly toward their belly. Then continue to move with the grain of your cats' fur. Most of the cats feel threatened when touching this area. It may take them several brushing sessions to make them feel comfortable. 

Some of the cats do not tolerate being groomed. By nature, they are extremely fastidious. If this is the case then make an appointment with a professional groomer to prevent accidents.


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