Drawbacks of Declawing Cats

Drawbacks of Declawing Cats

You might think declawing your cat is a good idea. Why not? What harm could it ever cause? 

Believe it or not, there are many reasons not to declaw a cat!

Cat Claws are Bone

Declawing a cat isn’t like declawing a dog. Cat claws are made of bone! Removing them would be like amputating the tips of your fingers.

Painful Recovery

Cats still have to walk on these paws every single day! This means they are constantly walking on their injuries.

Hard Time Climbing

Declawed cats aren’t able to climb as well as they once could. Climbing is something cats are known for! This can increase the risk for falling, especially from greater heights.


Unable to Defend Themselves

A cat’s claws are one of their main defense mechanisms. Taking them away will increase the risks to your cat’s wellbeing (especially an outdoor cat)!

Declawing a cat can lead to things like bacterial or viral infections, tissue necrosis (death), lameness, and back pain! Why put your kitty through this?

“Considering the discomfort, increased possibility for injury, the potential for infection, and decreases in the quality of life, this could be considered animal cruelty to many pet owners.”

Trim Your Cat’s Nails

Did you know you can trim your cat’s nails? There is no reason to amputate your kitten’s little fingers! Though it may take some effort and a little bit of time, your cat will eventually relax and allow you to work on those adorable little paws.

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