How to Clean Cat Hair Around the House

How to Clean Cat Hair Around the House

We all love our feline friend, and we consider our cat as a part of the family. Cat fur can be tenacious, they require affection, attention, and care, but even with regular grooming and brushing they can leave hair on clothes, carpeting and floors, upholstery and other surfaces.

 Cats leave hair everywhere, the amount of hair they shed on the bed, clothes, sofa, carpets, and the floor, can be frustrating.

Regular cleaning is a must to get rid of cat hair. You’ll need to make some effort on your part to keep the place neat and hygienic. Static electricity and low humidity make already annoying pet hair that much worse.

Anyone who shares their home with a furry feline is battling cat hair like on our clothes, our furniture, and swirling around in bundles on the floor. Cleaning up the floor is the first step.


Vacuum Everyday 


Vacuuming every day is the best way to remove pet hair from your home. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean up pet hair around your house. Make sure you have the right vacuum cleaner because when it comes to removing pet hair, some vacuum cleaners are more effective than others. When vacuuming your carpet, go over areas twice in different directions to loosen stubborn hairs. Start high and work low, using proper attachments to run the vacuum over walls, into corners and over draperies and window sills.

When vacuuming your carpet, go over areas twice and alternate directions to loosen stubborn hairs. If pet hair is a problem for you, it’s worth investing in a specialized pet vacuum with extra strong suction power.


Use dry mops on bare floors


After a thorough cleaning with the vacuum, use a barely dampened mop on low-pile carpets. On the hardwood, laminate, or vinyl, use an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop to clean up the hair. The mop will pick up any animal hair that your vacuum cleaner missed. Dry mops tend to trap the hair and dust better than anything else.


Use wet rubber gloves on furniture


For upholstered furniture, run a damp rubber glove or sponge over it to easily remove embedded kitty fur. Rubber gloves or even a blown-up balloon will gather hair from upholstery and fabrics when you rub them over the surface. Lots of users like rubber gloves to deal with hair on furniture. Another way to remove pet hair from fabric or upholstered furniture is to use a damp rubber glove. You can use dampened rubber gloves to remove pet hair from your house. When you wear the gloves and rub your hands all over your belongings, friction between the fabric and glove creates static energy and this forces the debris such as pet hair to stick to the glove.  Get the glove slightly wet, then run the gloves over the surface of the fabric. Rinse the hair off and repeat the process as needed.


Use a cloth and furniture spray on wooden furniture


You can also spray a light mist of fabric softener diluted with water over the carpet pre-vacuuming. It’s important not to drench the carpet, just spray lightly to dampen. A clean, soft cloth can be used on wooden furniture, along with some polish or anti-static spray, to help remove cat hair. The spray will eliminate the static charge in the fur, making it less likely that the fur will re-attach itself to the same surface. The fabric softener loosens the hair and gets rid of the static electricity that holds the hair against the carpet fibers.  

If you want to clean pet hair from your expensive wooden furniture like study tables and chairs, take a soft piece of cloth and an anti-static cleaning spray. This keeps the hair on the duster rather than allowing it to reattach itself to your furniture.


The second step is Cleaning Your Clothes and Your Cat


Lint roller is a tool that makes removing pet hair a lot easy. Irrespective of the length of the hair, the lint roller will remove it from your clothes as well as furniture. As a result of that, things look very neat and tidy. These rollers come in various shapes and sizes so that you can buy them as per your requirements from any of the stores.

Keep a lint roller handy for those times your cat snuggles up to you and leaves a small bit of hair on your clean clothes. Keep one of them beside the door so you can remove the hair quickly before you leave for work, school or social occasions.


Groom your cat regularly


Regular cat grooming is a must, several times a week for a shorthaired cat and daily for longhaired cats.  Brushes on your pet accumulate the weak or already broken hair. These will prevent the hair from spreading in your home. Brushing your cat more often will help trap that hair before it has a chance to go skittering across the floor. Use a fine-tooth cat brush and regularly groom your kitty.

Cats groom themselves but many animals enjoy the feeling of being brushed and being held. If your cat doesn't like it at first, hold the animal firmly to your chest with your hand under its belly and pet it.


Try gently vacuuming your cat


A robot cleaner is another great way to remove pet hair. When you are not in the house or running out of time for a thorough vacuuming, this machine will be handy. It will keep your pet hair under control, thus reducing your cleaning task on weekends.

Most pets go scattering when the vacuum comes out, this is usually difficult to pull off. The object here is to catch loose hair before they attach themselves to you and your surroundings. Try stretching a stocking or thin sock over the vacuum hose and then vacuuming your cat's back very gently if it's relatively comfortable around the vacuum.


Removing pet hair from your home doesn’t have to be a difficult task. All you need to do is follow some smart strategies that can give you the result you want and get the job done in the least possible time.

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