How to Make Your Apartment Cat Friendly

How to Make Your Apartment Cat Friendly

Make sure that your cat will be happy and safe when you bring him home. Making your small space more feline-friendly will give your pet the mental stimulation he/she craves.

Cats need and appreciate privacy. They enjoy secret, hidden places to spend some time, so when designating your various cat corners around your apartment, consider some areas that might be out of sight or away from foot traffic in your home.

Cats are vulnerable so provide your cat a place to hide. Especially in multiple cat homes, each cat needs a private place of her own where she can sit and just be herself. This place must be completely quiet, safe, and secluded.

Cats can be a bit moodier and more sensitive when it comes to the way you treat them. Things like privacy can really make a difference in building a relationship with a cat as well as making them comfortable in your home.

Cats are a territorial species; the environment is everything to them. Cats are weird, wonderful creatures that make for very entertaining, quirky, and fun roommates. Cats like a bit of variety when it comes to where they spend their time.

Cats typically get a reputation of being easy as house pets, your cat’s happiness is greatly influenced by how you behave and what kind of lifestyle you offer.

Many cats love to climb. Cats like to perch up high and look down at their surroundings, so consider mounting a sturdy window perch, or position a tall cat tree near a sliding glass door to give your cat a view of the world outside.

Cats like to be in their bed, other times they like to be up high, and quite often they like to be staring out a window. Cats often like to spend an abundance of time close to a window. Cats love looking out the window and will try and find a place in your apartment to do so.

Even in an apartment with limited space, cats can easily be added into the mix. When space is limited, make everything serve multiple purposes. Your cat’s wall shelves can double as bookshelves or decorative cubbies for flowers and fruit.


Cats also love being up high. If you allow them to find their perch in which they can look over their kingdom by themselves.

Your cat’s ability to choose based on personal likes and dislikes is compromised when you are in sole charge of making the decision, such as where your cat feeds or where she goes to the toilet. Rather than just buying a cat bed, sticking it in the corner and hoping that is where your cat will both sleep and spend its indoor time, watch where your cat likes to go. Maybe there’s a certain bookcase or cabinet where they like to rest and peer over their domain.

Cats also enjoy some solitude especially when it comes to eating and using the bathroom, cats don’t like to be around people when they do their duty. Find a place where they feel secure, private, and comfortable to place their food and litter box. This will not only make your apartment more cat friendly but also ensure that you have a better relationship with your cat in general.

Cats love to perch and climb. Many cats like to sharpen their claws and show off their climbing skills, so consider buying a compact floor-to-ceiling post, which you can wrap in thick sisal rope.



Cat Activity Wall Shelves for cats who love to climb & perch up high. It is great stimulation for young kittens and older cats.


Cat Litter Box is a unique design that allows enough space for your cat to feel comfortable at the moment of moving in and out of the box and at the same time will make any corner of your house look amazing. A nice green touch to your home decor while providing your pet with a great and durable litter box.




A Cat scratching post for a floor or wall-mounted use is the perfect surface for your cat to do all the things that come instinctively to them, including scratching, bouncing, playing, and climbing. Your cat will enjoy sharpening her nails on this much more than she does on the legs of your couch. It can be wall-mounted or used on the floor to encourage positive, healthy scratching behavior for your cats or kittens. Place anywhere on any floor surface, be it carpet, vinyl, or hardwood.


Window cat bed hammock is saving your room space, as well as a great view for your cat to enjoy the sunny day and offer your cat a front-row view of nature.



 Interior cat door scratches your cat on every pass. It is designed to minimize fur all around the house, you will love that the brush collects hair and can be easily removed and clipped back in once you have cleaned it.  


Cat cave is a modern house for a modern cat.  Sleeping space for your feline friend. Your cat would love to have a cave to hide in. Make your home even more cat-friendly by getting these cat cave.




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