How to Move Cross Country with Cats - Everything You Need to Know

How to Move Cross Country with Cats - Everything You Need to Know

Cats are like Julius Caesar, they’re proud, clever, and rather attached to their home territory. Moving cross-country with cats is a very involved process. It can be difficult for even the most seasoned human travelers. Cats are sensitive to the environment and territory which is why they prefer staying home in familiar surroundings.

Even though cats are generally low-maintenance, you’ll need to work out a lot of details before your cat is ready.

In particular, you’ll have to plan :

  • How to transport your pet cat.
  • To take her to the vet.
  • To get her medications
  • To find pet-friendly hotels
  • To plan her eating schedule
  • To find the right litter box for her.


What makes a cat purr is finding the right travel litter box, comfiest blankets and travel carrier. Make sure your cat will be able to sit, stand and turn around comfortably during the trip. If your cat isn’t leash trained, then the crate should also be large enough to hold a litter box.

You need to prepare your feline friend before you move as cats hate moving (getting there simply won’t be fun for your cat).

Although cats love boxes, it does not mean they love moving. So, that kind of long-haul drive is hard on both you and your feline friend. Moving cross country with cats requires you to put your animal in a carrier.

It is very easy for you as a pet owner if you are well prepared for moving with cats across the country. First, introduce your cat to your travel environment so that they get familiar to it. Although no matter how comfortable you make it, they will still find it intimidating if they have to face a new environment, right before the stress induced by traveling for long distances.

Give your cat plenty of love because moving cross country with cats isn’t your only concern, in fact, it usually involves another task that requires your time and attention: give your cat lots of extra love and attention during the packing and pre-move process, as this will reassure them that even though life is tumultuous, you still love them and plan to take care of them.


  • Make your cat feel at home in an new and uncomfortable environment.
  • Make sure that your cats’ vaccinations are up to date and that they have a supply of any medications they need before you leave. 
  • Talk to your vet about any concerns you may have, they may suggest helping your cat lose a pound or two before travel. 
  • It is very important to prepare and to have on hand rabies vaccination records.  Depending on state regulations, you may be asked to produce these at any time, and it just makes good sense to have current records for your pets. 
  • A microchip can be a lifesaver if one of your cats goes missing along the way


To make your cat feel safe when you travel them in a car is to soothe them with the human touch. And a cat carrier is the most important item you need during travel. A cat carrier can be anything from the classic plastic kennel to a soft-sided bag or a trendy capsule backpack.


Feed the cats immediately canned food before and during the drive.

  • Pack your cat some food and snack when you travel in the car to keep them calm and nurture good action.
  • If you travel your cat for a long distance,make sure you pack enough food for them. 
  • if you have a cat who gets car sick, feed them as early as possible and limit their food intake during the car ride.
  • Provide comfort to your cat as best as you can, and bring a small cat bed if that is what your furry friend prefers.


Cats need to use the bathroom on long road trips. 

  • Prepare a travel litter box as it is the most important thing you need to pack when traveling with a cat in a car for a long distance.


When traveling with cats in a car long distance

  • Bring paper and bath towels because cats can make quite the mess so it is best to always be prepared for any accidents that may occur on the road.


When moving across the country, bring some cat calming spray with a non-sedating formula that can last for hours. You can spray it inside the car on the cat carrier and blankets. So that it can help them reduce their stress without affecting any other animals.

A cat backpack is essential for cats who love to travel and see the world. The capsule cat backpack has plenty of space to allow cats to be comfortable while also providing plenty of air flow, equipped with  astronaut dome so that they can see and enjoy the world.


Other tips :

  • Find some pet-friendly pit stops.
  • Make sure you find and book your hotel accommodations ahead of time.
  • Find a decent cat-friendly hotel (some hotels will claim they are pet-friendly, but they actually only allow dogs).
  • Check their policy to see how much the additional fees cost.



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