How to Move Cross Country with Cats - Everything You Need to Know

How to Move Cross Country with Cats - Everything You Need to Know

Make sure you have a plan in advance! You never want to wind up stuck somewhere without the right kind of supplies for your little one, or find out the hotel you booked months in advance won’t allow animals. Plan ahead for each of the bullet points listed below.

  • Transporting your cat
  • Vet checkup & any medications
  • Ensure your hotel is pet friendly
  • Plan feeding schedule
  • Bring water bottles & travel water bowl
  • Good litter box
  • Don’t forget the cat toys!

Always ensure your cat feels comfortable in this new setting, especially if the hotel doesn’t cover damages (you don’t want to wind up with a mess). Make sure all of your cat’s vaccinations are always updated, especially in any unfamiliar areas, and always carry paperwork with you!

Both a microchip and stretch collar with tags would also be ideal. You don’t want your kitty to become lost, and you want him to be identified from any other stray in case he is lost. This may seem like a small precaution, but will work wonders in that circumstance!

Instead of packing a large, cumbersome package of cat food, why not pack several easily accessible caned containers? Canned cat food is higher in water content as well as being easily accessible, so will help prevent dehydration!

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