How to Properly Keep Cat Litter Pans

How to Properly Keep Cat Litter Pans

Cats are very delicate and sensitive when it comes to receiving care, specifically when dealing with proper waste management. To help keep your cat happy and your house clean you must have proper care for your cat, that includes maintaining and cleaning the litter box, which is very important.

Owning a cat takes a lot of responsibility. Although cats are known to be independent by nature, it does not necessarily mean that no effort is needed when caring for them.

Cats are clean freaks and finicky. They hate dirty litter box, don’t skip cleaning the litter box because your cat’s health is in your hand,  their sense of smell is 14 times stronger than yours, which means that a litter box that smells reasonably clean to you may outright stink to your feline friend.

Keeping your cat’s litter box clean is very important because they can be finicky about their bathroom habits, and poor litter box maintenance is often to blame for a cat's mishaps. If the box is too full, messy or smelly your cat may decide to “go” elsewhere.

Wear gloves and mask to ensure that your cat litter box is cleaned properly. The gloves will help keep the dirty litter and its microscopic tenants from directly touching your skin while the mask will prevent you from breathing in excessive ammonia, which cat litter tends to produce. 

Cats need their “alone time” when doing their business that is why it is important to provide them with their own litter pan, as well as an extra pan to maintain cleanliness and proper disposal.

You'll need to keep all of the litter pans extremely clean, and you might even need to add additional boxes because the cat may occasionally refuse to use a litter pan after another pet has been using it. It is really important that cats have their own litter pans to give proper care to their feline companions.


Daily Cleaning

  • Scoop out droppings and clumps at least once a day.
  • Put the waste into a sealed bag and dispose of it outdoors.
  • Wash the litter scoop and store it in a plastic bag.
  • Clean the edge of the litter box and the box cover with soap and water.


Weekly Cleaning

  • Empty the litter box entirely and wash it with soap and water. Don’t clean it with chemicals such as ammonia or bleach, cats are very sensitive to smells. A chemical odor may cause your pet to avoid the box. Certain chemicals can also be unhealthy for cats.
  • Fill the box with fresh litter.


You can keep the pans from being exposed outside using a cat litter box. 

Here are the examples of Cat litter boxes available online:



A Cat washroom storage bench litter box cover with a sturdy wooden structure that fits most of the litter box. Amazing furniture to use both as home decor and for cat privacy. Give you a great odorless home. A Beautiful nightstand hides your cat’s litter box or bed.


Catit jumbo hooded cat litter pan is one of the most popular brands in the market, and they are known worldwide for their good reputation in providing quality cat products Catit jumbo hooded cat litter pan. It provides your cat with privacy while retaining their litter inside the pan.


Most features on litter-boxes are for the convenience of the owner, and some of these features may not be enjoyable to a pet. You may need to try different kinds of litter boxes before finding the right ones for your pet cat. There are many types of litter-boxes to choose from, so make sure to pick the right one.


There are some general rules about where it is best to place a litter-box for your cat. Following these guidelines can help ensure that your cat makes use of the litter-boxes and avoids having accidents. Place litter-boxes in a place where it is easy for you to clean it. It may be tempting to put it out of direct sight; however, you risk to forget about it.

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