Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean with Cat Dental Care

Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean with Cat Dental Care


Believe it or not, Periodontal disease is one of the most common health conditions impacting cat dental care! By taking action and providing at-home dental care for your cat in addition to veterinary checkups, you can help keep your cat’s teeth shiny and white!

Periodontal Disease: Gum disease caused by a bacterial infection and can lead do bone loss if not treated

Plaque: Soft bacterial film, easily brushed away


In the end, cat dental care isn’t difficult and only requires a little bit of devotion on your part. You might only spend a few short minutes out of every day on your cat’s teeth! The outcome and end results, however, will be more than worth the tiny bit of effort you spent on your pet’s health.

Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

Regular veterinary cleanings just might not be enough to maintain a clean, healthy cat mouth, though they will help. You can also lightly brush your cat’s teeth every day, to help prevent bacterial build-up.


It will be easiest for your cat if you begin the brushing at a young age, so this isn’t a sudden stressor in your cat’s life. Begin gradually, simply allowing your feline to become adjusted to the cat dental care. Don’t become overly stressed or agitated if it doesn’t work at first; the day will come! Always offer praise and be enthusiastic!


Use a Q-tip Daily to lightly brush the front of your cat’s teeth.


Special Cat Toothbrush

Specially designed toothbrushes for cats are almost always available at local pet stores and will make cat dental care much easier for you. Human toothbrushes, on the other hand, can contain traces of dangerous human toothpaste, and the simple design alone might cause brushing to become difficult.


Special Cat Toothpaste

Many human kinds of toothpaste contain Xylitol, an artificial sweetener highly toxic to cats and dogs. You absolutely never should use human toothpaste on a cat! Don’t worry, your local pet store will carry toothpaste for cats, accommodating your pet dental care needs.

Ask for Veterinary Dental Cleanings

Your veterinarian will be able to offer cat dental care, just like a human dentist. In fact, the science of pet care is advancing at an alarming rate! Veterinary dentistry covers things like:


  • Cleaning

  • Adjustment

  • Filing

  • Extraction

  • Repair of your pets' teeth

Cat Dental Care is Important!

Remember to keep your cat’s teeth clean with the simple steps above! Your kitty will thank you, and his smile will last a lifetime!

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