Monthly Cat Subscription Boxes Review

Monthly Cat Subscription Boxes Review


Are you looking for convenient cat toys and treats delivered directly to your door each month? Maybe you want to spice up your home with cat-related decorations? Whatever you chose, show your cat he or she means the world to you with any one of these fantastic monthly cat subscription boxes!

Money-Back Guarantee?

No one wants to end up paying for something that doesn’t work, or they can’t use it. Are you offered a warranty, guaranteed your money back if something is wrong with your monthly cat subscription box?

Where is it Manufactured?

When it comes to cat food or edible treats, you’re only thinking of giving your pet the best you can! You rarely think of harsh metals or dangerous chemicals. It’s important to look at where a product was produced.

In the United States, as well as several other developed countries, strict regulations are placed on pet food and treats. In countries such as China, no such regulations exist at the same level. Pet food or treats made in areas like China could contain dangerous metals gained during production.

Pet Treater Cat Pack

Advertised at 15$ per month, the Pet Treater Cat Pack offers 3-4 personally selected items your kitty will love! Treats are made mostly in both the US and Canada, never made in China. You also have the option of ordering the ‘Multi-Cat Pack’ for $25.00 per month, filled with 5-8 handpicked items 


Your first month’s pack is organized immediately upon ordering, every pack shipping around the 10th of every month. You’re offered constant live chat, email, or phone support, and can cancel your subscription at any time you want.

Item Type

Contents will change monthly, varying from treats to accessories and even grooming supplies. Check out a video example to see some of the amazing contents within one of these monthly cat subscription boxes!

Happy cat subscription Box

By, starting at $19.99 per month, these monthly cat subscription boxes are absolutely perfect for felines of any age! The contents in each goody box are handpicked by devoted pet enthusiasts, specifically tailored to your cat.


Your Happy Friendly HappyBox is formulated out immediately upon ordering. Shipping will normally require 4-7 days, shipping times can range from 15-21 days on average.

Item Type

You’ll find a mixture of cat toys and treats in each box, hand-picked by a team of knowledgeable cat-enthusiasts! Your cat will have a blast with his or her new assortment of fabulous toys, never losing interest with a new set each month.

Within each box resides a couple of fascinating new treats for your pet to try. Not only are these treats healthy for your furry feline, but they are also specially hand-picked for the best experience imaginable!

A 100% money-back guarantee is offered for any defective or damaged products, so there is no need to worry about quality. In case you decide you aren’t fully satisfied, you can even cancel with no penalty!

If you want to know more, check out this list of facts! You can even contact support through live chat or email.


Your KitNipBox subscriptions begin at $19.99 per month, with an available ‘multi-cat’ upgrade to $29.99. Just like the other options, your kitty won’t be able to get enough of these fascinating new cat boxes! Not only are items personally tested before packaging, but they are also all uniquely selected for your cat’s personal enjoyment.


Boxes are processed for shipping immediately upon order, receiving your personal tracking number within only two business days. Once KitNipBoxes ship out, it may take 3-8 business days for final delivery.

Item Type

All the treats you’ll see here are either made in North America or occasionally New Zealand, Europe, or Australia. Most treats you’ll see are all-natural, grain-free, or organic. 

When it comes to items, you might see unique cat toys, health/hygiene products, innovative gadgets, and unique new surprises! You can see a list for yourself here, or take a look at cats having a blast with their surprises here.

Cat Lady Box

Are you a devoted cat lady, looking to treat your beloved cats? Take a look at this monthly cat subscription box specially designed for the cat lady enthusiasts out there! 

These boxes are unique in that they provide cat-related items for the owner to enjoy also. These cat-themed items are only available through your Cat Lady Box. Ranging from t-shirts to jewelry and home decor, you’ll really be able to show off your own love of cats!

This is a ‘higher end’ option for the truly devoted cat lovers out there who really want to express their love of cats. ‘CatLadyBoxes’ contain 3-4 items specifically for human owners and subscriptions start at $34.99/month. The ‘CRAZY CatLadyBox offers all of that plus an additional two items for your cats, starting at $39.99/month.


You can choose between a 1,3, or 6-month plan, each subsequent plan cheaper for the value received. Shipping is free in the US but will cost around an additional $12.99 to the UK and Canada.

Item Type

You can also choose between one of two (or both) options, the Classic CatLadyBox with items just for you (pet owner), or the Crazy CatLadyBox offering items for both you and your cat. Each box is based on a new theme, so you’ll never run out of entertaining conversation starters.


If you’re an animal lover who hated the idea of cats in need and wants to help however you can, this is the monthly cat subscription box for you! While you’ll receive quality items your cat will adore each month, RescueBox will donate 10 pounds of food (per box) to cats in need!

Starting at $29.95, RescueBox offers an assortment of treats and toys for your cat. Each new delivery is based on a new unique theme and contains a mixture of toys, treats, and chews (if you chose the dog option).

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