The Easy Guide to Eco-Friendly Cat Products

The Easy Guide to Eco-Friendly Cat Products

Are you looking for eco-friendly cat products? Do you want to do your part, helping keep the environment clean for the two of you, as well as every other cat, for years to come? 

Protecting your cat’s outside ecosystem can seem like a neverending task, especially with so many obstacles working against you in this day and age. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our convenient list of suggestions below!

  1. Look for cat products that are made from recycled materials. 
  2. Stay away from artificial colors or flavors, focusing on certified products that are organic.
  3. Seek quality items made of recycled, sustainable materials, like Earth-friendly toys, bowls, collars, and leashes.
  4. Look for non-toxic cleaning products that are eco-friendly.
  5. Look for pet shampoo that is environment friendly, manufactured naturally, and free of harsh chemicals.
  6. Focus on items made from locally raised animals or on local farms. These aren’t just better for both the Earth and your cat, but support smaller businesses!

You also might consider environment-friendly catnip, cat litter, cat food, and waste bags. In fact, purchasing your cat food in bulk to ensure the smallest footprint possible is a fantastic idea!

Check out this convenient, eco-friendly cat Box!

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