Traveling with your Cat

Traveling with your Cat


It’s your vacation, and you’re ready to hit the road! However, you’re trying something a little different this year. You want to bring your cat! As cats are notoriously anxious critters and don’t necessarily like moving cars, travelling with your cat can be stressful. With some tips and some great cat accessories, your trip can still be a blast!


Travelling Accessories

Cat traveling accessories have become increasingly popular in the recent years. With so many items on the market, it can be hard to choose exactly what you need. However, keeping it simple is usually best.

  • Cat Carrier

    • Make sure you buy a cat carrier that is sturdy. Many cat parents will buckle in their cat carrier with a seatbelt just in case any accidents occur, so you’ll need a carrier that won’t crumple under the pressure of the seatbelt if something should happen.

    • The perfect cat carrier will also be big enough that your cat can stand up, stretch, and turn around. However, you don’t want a carrier that’s so big, your cat will fly around if there is an accident.

  • Travel Litter Box

    • Travel litter boxes usually come with all of the accessories. These litter boxes resemble small suitcases and can fit under the seats of your car. Usually featuring zippable tops, these litter boxes can be transferred into the hotel easily and with no mess.

  • Cat Harness

    • Many cat parents do not take their cats for walks, but recently, more and more people have been starting to. Walking a cat is not the same and walking a dog, so having a harness can be more helpful to control your cat as you both explore.

    • Consider a cat-bubble backpack if your cat isn’t interested in walks.


Travelling Tips

Before you leave, make sure you’ve done some basic things first. What you do during the trip can also keep your pet safe and happy.

  • Schedule a trip to the vet.

    • This is good practice for car rides, but also, the vet can confirm that your cat is in good enough condition to withstand travel and any stress that might come with it.

    • Make sure your cat is up-to-date on vaccines and microchipped.

  • Get identification tags.

    • Anything can happen on the road. Make sure you have identification tags on your pet’s collar with information such as your cat’s name, your name, and your phone number. If your pet gets lost, you’ll have a higher chance of reuniting.

  • Take breaks.

    • Your cat will likely get stressed and anxious at various points of your trip. Taking a break every 2-3 hours can help reduce stress, and it will allow you to make sure that your cat is hydrated and can use the litter box.

  • Schedule play time.

    • Before you leave, having a big play session can help your cat relax. However, as cats are inquisitive and intelligent, they’ll need some stimulus during the trip too. Take a longer break to play with your cat or even take it out on a walk.

  • Never leave your cat in the car.

    • We’ve all heard horror stories about dogs, cats, and even children dying in cars. Don’t let this happen to your cat. If you need to do a quick shopping trip, consider using pick-up or delivery services, so your cat is safe.


It will take some time getting used to travelling for both you and your cat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of the learning process. With these basic necessities and tricks, you and your cat will be safe and comfortable on your travels.



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