What to Feed Your Pet Cat

What to Feed Your Pet Cat


There is one simple rule; Cats need meat! Sure, there are other nutrients sources a cat needs, but he simply won’t survive if you don’t feed your pet cat some kind of meat. Nearly all commercial cat food brands are manufactured with this principle in mind, though some are better than others.

what to feed your pet cat

What is so Special about Animal Meat?

It’s all about the protein! You need to feed your pet cat something that contains a source of animal protein. More specifically, a cat needs certain types of amino acids found in animal protein, not found as much in plant sources.


When you purchase food to feed your pet cat, examine the nutritional label on the rear of the packaging. Is the first ingredient a type of animal meat, or a vegetable source? What about the first three ingredients in your cat’s food?


Many large pet feed manufacturers will purposefully pack as much plant ‘filler’ in their foods as possible, producing a cheap product. If you aren’t sure how much actual meat is in the food you are going to feed your cat, ask your veterinarian for suggestions!


At the same time, many cat food brands are also specifically designed to offer a cat what he needs to survive. Feeding ‘human scraps’, or trying to develop your own cat feeding plan without specific knowledge of the requirements, can lead to poor outcomes.


  • Attempting a strict vegetarian diet will be disastrous for the health of any cat!

  • Don’t just offer your cat a can of homemade meat-scraps; discuss your special meal plans with a veterinarian.


What Time Should I Feed my Cat?

You should feed your cat at least two meals a day, no more than 12 hours apart at the latest! Spacing meals out over 12 hours can lead to excess nausea. Feeding 4 smaller meals a day is also a good option, as long as you stick to a schedule and don’t overfeed your cat.


Free feeding, or allowing your cat an endless supply of food, can lead to obesity (weight gain), diabetes, and other health-related problems. Feed your cat select meals at set times. Creating a strict schedule is a wonderful idea!


Cat Feeding Schedule


  • Feed your cat at least two meals daily, 12 hours apart.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, Prior to bed- 5 meals, is also an option!

  • Set and maintain your strict cat feeding schedule.

  • Older kittens should eat at least three meals daily.

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