Where to Place a Cat Scratching Post

Where to Place a Cat Scratching Post

Where in the world do you put that cat scratching post? How do you figure out where your cat wants to sharpen those nails? Follow these few simple steps, and you’ll settle on a fantastic scratching spot for your little one in no time!

Cat Scratching Behavior

Where does your cat scratch the most, where have you seen your cat scratch, and what is the room you see this behavior most often? In other words, what type of area in the house does your cat enjoy spending most of his time?


Not only is scratching a great form of ‘claw care’, but it’s also an instinctual means of marking a scent or ‘territory’ (which is why this is often done in a favorite part of the house). Placing your cat scratching post in the furthest corner of the house would almost make it useless for your cat.


Where does your cat nap? Cats absolutely love scratching after waking up, offering them fantastic stretching opportunities! They also enjoy scratching where they observe animals (i.e. birds) outside, or near perches. This is where the multi-purpose scratching post (perch, ladder, landing, ‘fort’) comes in!


What Can You Afford?

Many experts recommend a scratching post for nearly every room of the house containing other fabrics.


Cat Scratching Your Belongings

If you want to avoid a cat scratching your furniture, like that favorite couch or pillows, set up a great new scratching post next to it instead! Not only will you provide a solid alternative to your valuable possessions, but you’ll also keep your cat happy at the same time!

Where is your cat already scratching?

Is your cat scratching more often in a particular room in your house? If you’ve already noticed frequent scratching, you’ll have a pretty good idea where best to place your cat scratching post.

Where does your cat love to spend time?

Let’s say your cat absolutely loves spending time in the living room with you, while you watch television. Or maybe you prefer long hours cooking extravagant meals in the kitchen, which is where your cat prefers to spend time. Do you have a large glass door, offering views to the outside, along with all of the little animals scurrying about?

Near Valuable Furniture

No one wants their great-grandmother’s couch scratched to shreds, or those new sheets ripped to pieces! If you happen to spend a lot of money on valuable furniture, spending just a little bit more on a cat scratching post for these rooms will be a great idea!


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