Where to Place a Cat Scratching Post

Where to Place a Cat Scratching Post

You don’t want to declaw your cat (good choice) but worry about your valuables. After all, a cat needs to tend to those claws!

The first step is buying a cat scratching post. After all, this is what they were designed for. 

Now that that’s done, where do you put it? You absolutely don’t want to invest in something that won’t last, and you certainly want your kitty to love his new scratching post!


Scratching Behavior

Cats love to sharpen those claws, especially after a much-deserved nap! Unfortunately, this often can end up in damaged furniture or torn fabrics. 

Finding that perfect spot can be rough. Avoid these problems and safeguard your valuables with a well-placed cat scratching post!

  • Where does your cat nap?
  • Where is your feline scratching most?
  • Where does she love to spend most of her time?
  • Have you considered a post near valuable fabrics or furniture?

In the end, most household cats love to curl up with their owners after a long day and work those nails after a much-deserved rest. If you’re not sure where to begin your search, check out some of these fantastic scratching posts and alternatives!

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