Why Does My Cat Follow Me into the Bathroom

Why Does My Cat Follow Me into the Bathroom

Imaging rushing to your bathroom, pulling the door shut behind you. Finally! You get a much-needed break from the immense level of chaos that is your daily life. All you want is a few peaceful moments without someone shouting your name, or asking you for something. You feel something brush against your leg, look down, and see two very inquisitive eyes staring back.


Why in the world would my cat want to join me in the bathroom? This seems like odd behavior indeed, especially for a human. When it comes to busy parents, especially those with young kids, the bathroom might seem like the only place they ever get any kind of privacy during the day.


Familiar Surroundings

Your cat loves a familiar routine and loves to know his surroundings. He probably brushed against you to help leave his scent, which is usually why he might brush against anything. You fascinate your little furry kitty, and he only wants to understand you as much as he can!

To you lovable little fur-child, this isn’t strange at all. It’s nothing more than just another day with his or her favorite human!


A Cool Escape

Thanks to ceramic tiles, plumbing, and water temperature, your bathroom is ‘usually’ the coolest room in the house. If you decide to take a hot shower that can change, but humans usually only shower once a day. In the end, the bathroom offers a nice, cool getaway.


From the running water to shower tab, towels, and toilet paper, the bathroom offers plenty of stimulation. In a house filled with a family of young children, the bathroom offers a much desired quiet escape.


Territory & Exploration

As far as your cat’s home, everything goes. Cat’s love to explore! It really goes much deeper than that simple fact, the instinct stretching to an age before records existed. Imagine a time when a wild cat’s survival depended on his ability to know his surroundings, from hunting to hiding positions far above prey.


Have you ever wondered why your cat seems to want to rub against you- and everything else? Scent glands rest on your cat’s paws pads, cheeks, lips, forehead, flanks, and tail, all able to leave a constant reminder that you belong to him! Marking his territory is a useful way to let other animals know who these hunting grounds belong to.

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