People think the cat was caught talking in TikTok video

People think the cat was caught talking in TikTok video

 Many will agree that cats are ruling over the Internet. There are numerous online cat videos and images which keep people entertained. Now, there’s the latest edition to that list and it captures a four-legged furry ball meowing in a very unusual manner.

Primarily every pet lover or pet owner has a desire that their furry friend could speak to them in a language that they could understand rather than a series of confusing barks or meows. One of the Tiktok users has fulfilled his hope for his cat. He did have a gasp-worthy encounter with his feline pal that happened to be caught on camera. 

TikTok user and cat owner Ike Tommy got quite the surprise as he was recording his pet kitty in the bathroom. In the video, the cat appears to meow as she waits for her owner to return to the other room. 

The cat apparently asks Tommy if he’s coming. It sounds like precisely a human person. 

Tommy was recording his cat, or his bathroom floor, when she started meowing at him as she waited just around the corner, outside the bathroom. A subsequent meow sounds jarringly like, “Are you coming?” Tommy swung the camera around to try to catch her far too human words again. “What did you just say?” Tommy asked the cat but she only meowed. The occurrence is so shocking, Tommy walks over to the feline to get a better view of the camera. 

The video shared on Tiktok that captures the cat’s unusual meowing which sounds like “Are you coming?” It shows a cat asking its owner has gone viral and admittedly it’s hard to believe. 

The video has inspired almost 24,000 comments, many of which are in celebration of the idea that animals can totally talk. 

Unsurprisingly the video went viral and has been viewed 1.8 million times on TikTok.