Woman Charged With Criminal For Letting Her Cat Lounge Outside On The Front Lawn

Woman Charged With Criminal For Letting Her Cat Lounge Outside On The Front Lawn

Milo is a beautiful ginger tabby who is
neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and well-behaved. Like many other felines,
Milo is an indoor/outdoor cat who likes to go where be pleases. Milo the cat just wanted to lay outside in the sun and relax.  

Kate Anderson's cat, Milo, is a regular member of her family. She considers Milo not just a pet, but part of the family. The orange tabby is a cat door and comes and goes as he pleases. Milo is allowed to do as he pleases. Milo is a cat door, so he just comes and goes.  Kate Anderson recently let Milo outside to sleep in the sun in the front of their garden.

Milo was enjoying some time in the garden. Milo was just minding his business, snoozing outside, when someone possibly one of the neighbors snapped a photo of him and sent it to animal control and reported the so-called crime. When animal control received the report, they showed up at Anderson’s door. At first, kate panicked because she thinks something tragic happens to milo but she was shocked to find out that she is being issued a citation from animal control.  She carried a weight of two misdemeanor charges because of that anonymous phone call. Kate Anderson said she just got a ticket for her cat being outside in her yard and that Milo is a cat who is neutered and micro-chipped and vaccinated and is not a menace to society. Milo's loitering is the reason they were slapped with misdemeanor charges. Kate also said that Milo is being treated like a fugitive and like he robbed a bank. She doesn't think that most people think it is illegal to let your cat outside under any circumstance. It is natural for Kate to be shocked to learn that Milo's innocent sunny day nap is illegal. 

Two misdemeanors, one for the animal at large and another for not having an animal license attached. Based on a city ordinance, it is illegal for any animal, house cats included, to run at large. Murray city defines 'at large' as anytime an animal is not on a leash, confined to a vehicle or secured in the yard, even if it's on the individual's own property.

Murray's city attorney said that while this was technically a violation, they filed a motion to dismiss the charges, considering how minor the violation is.

The city attorney says they do not expect any amendments will be made to the current ordinance. He said it's written that way to allow a broad coverage of any animals they encounter.

 Cats being allowed to run loose has been a controversial item since the beginning of time. In most places, pets such as dogs must be confined to yards or the owners’ property. Meanwhile, cats are allowed to come and go as they please. Kate Anderson, Utah resident found out the hard way that she legally is not allowed to let her cat run at large.