Cat Colorful Catnip Ball Toy

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Cat Colorful Catnip Ball Toy is an interactive toy for a cat that is great for fun and entertainment. A cat toy that has a handmade bells bouncy ball that produces sound and adds fun to your cat. It has a bright colors and cute shapes that attract your cat's interest and attention. This cat toy is a total life-saver because of this built-in catnip that makes playtime more memorable with your feline friend.  Your cat's energy is funneled into healthier and more productive by playing this ball. A cute ball design with soft plush material.  An environmentally friendly and non-toxic toy that is a safe for cat to bite and play with.  Your cat will have fun in chewing or squeezing it that makes your cat healthy.

Type: Pet Toys
Toys Type:  Interactive Toys
Material: plush, plush
Application: Cats
Product name: pet cats toy
Color: As display
Keyword: pet ball toy
Weight: 0.2kg