Cat Interactive Mouse Cage Toy

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 Cat Interactive Mouse Cage Toy is a plastic artificial colorful cat teaser toy that keeps your cats more healthy. It will help your cat to flip, jump, pounce, chase, and prowl. It would be a good way to keep your cat happy. Your cat will be more active and do more exercise. Very good quality and non-toxic toy.  An eco-friendly material, feathers are all-natural and dyes are also non-toxic. It is absolutely safe at the same time very enjoyable for your feline friend. Multicolor cat ball toy and artificial feather materials. 


Type: Pet Toys, Pet Toys
Toys Type: Interactive Toys, Pet toy
Material: Steel wire + plush + feather, Steel wire + plush + feather
Application: Dogs, Cats
Product Name: Cat toys pet
Color: Picture
Weight: 20g