Sisal Climbing Scratching Frame Tree Cat Toy

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  • Sisal Climbing Scratching Frame Tree Cat Toy is made of safe and environment-friendly materials. The surface is covered with plush, soft, and eco-friendly material. Your feline friend can climb, play, and they can rest comfortably. Soft short plush fabric and durable sisal rope coiled posts strong enough for your pets to play with. 
  • The multi-leveled design allows your cats to freely jump, climb, and explore around their cat tower. A cat tree can help keep your cat active. Your beloved cats can scratch, climb, jump, and even sleep or rest.  Scratching posts are covered by natural and non-toxic sisal ropes which are perfect for your cats to scratch, climb, play, and become active. 

  • Type: Pet Toys
  • Toys Type: Interactive Toys
  • Material: SISAL
  • Application: Cats
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 40cm*14.5cm
  • Keyword: Cat Scracher toy
  • Weight: 1302g