Turntable Track Spring Mouse Corrugated Cat Toy

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  • The Turntable Track Spring Mouse Corrugated Cat Toy is a nifty 2-in-1 interactive toy that is designed to be a scratcher, a trackball toy, and a hunting station. It is a great option for maintaining your cat’s hygiene while also protecting your furniture from scratch damage. The scratcher is designed with a hard, corrugated cardboard base, which will hold up to vigorous scratching from one or more cats over time. The moving mouse, catnip, and ball track are fun additions to keep your cat a-mews-ed and encourage it to scratch!


    • Type: Pet Toys
    • Toys Type: Interactive Toys
    • Material: plastic+corrugated paper, plastic+corrugated paper
    • Application: Cats
    • Color: white/purple/blue/pink/green
    • Size: 42*31cm
    • Weight: 0.3kg
    • Usage: Playing Cat Toys